I still consider myself somewhat of a recent knitter and while I’ve tried a few materials I’ve not quite settled on any particularly. I got the cheapest set of interchangeable needles I could get locally (KnitPro Trendz) which is acrylic and I already had to buy a spare because I broke one needle when I accidentally sat on it 😂

Now that I’m realizing knitting in the round is kinda my thing (as I’ve not touched a regular needle since getting said set) I’m wondering if it’d be worth to upgrade and if a change in material would improve my knitting experience at all?

I’d love to read any input and/or recommendations from more experienced knitters :)

I have KnitPro, Lantern Moon and Chiaogoo sets available locally.

  • tinycarnivoroussheep
    26 months ago

    I started with bamboo needles because I had a hard learning curve for knitting, but now that I’ve leveled up I’m thinking about getting a metal set, especially in the smaller sizes. I have hopes that it’ll help my gauge issues, but chances are it won’t help that much :(