IDK if this is quite solarpunk, but it’s some kind of eco-punk.

This guy films himself cleaning up culverts and street drains, mostly in the New England region of the US, with a rake and hip waders. He bitches about beavers and idiots with excavators and has a lot of technical opinions on road engineering that I find interesting for no good gawddamn reason.

Props to him if he makes a decent amount on these videos. Better than customer service work.

    116 months ago

    I knew this was going to be about post10.

    I like it because the end result is satisfying but there are other channels that break up beaver dams and unclog pipes. What he has is wholesomeness which is a really enjoyable X factor.

    He also is passionate as hell about the NE and it really comes through.

  • athos77
    56 months ago

    I’m on kbin and the thumbnail that’s showing up is a squirrel, which (at least at first) implied a much more interesting video series!